Leverage – An Agent Jade Monroe FBI Thriller, Book 4

Editorial Review:

“FBI Agent Jade Monroe and her fellow team members are in danger of losing one of their own. Her partner, Agent J.T. Harper, is missing along with his sister, and it appears the two have been kidnapped. It’s a race against the clock as Jade and the other FBI agents learn of an intensely personal vendetta against her partner—one that may mean there’s little hope for J.T. and his sister. In this latest addition to her fast-paced series, Sutter delivers a riveting tale that promises to keep readers’ hearts pounding and minds racing long into the night.” Angela M., Line Editor, Red Adept Editing 

Leverage – An Agent Jade Monroe FBI Thriller, Book 4


FBI Agent Jade Monroe’s partner, J.T. Harper, has abruptly disappeared. The entire Serial Crimes Division hands off its current cases to concentrate on finding one of their own. They soon learn that J.T.’s sister, Julie, is also missing. Since she has no connection to the FBI, they fear she has been kidnapped and is being used as leverage in a twisted vendetta against J.T.

A video is delivered to the FBI with Julie as the unfortunate spokesperson, leading the team to believe that this mysterious kidnapper has more on his mind—and a deeper connection to J.T. Harper—than they could possibly know.

The mayhem worsens when J.T.’s former partner is murdered and dumped in front of the FBI headquarters as a sign of the kidnapper’s intentions. Now J.T.’s life is in the crosshairs, and as the days tick by, Julie’s life is in jeopardy too.




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